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Unfinished dreams.  
   John Woo has made many great movies but there has been few projects which never came true. At least not so far.. 
Shaw Bros movies release plan (press release)   
   Shaw Bros. movies will be released on DVD and VCD. First patch of 10 movies will be available to byu December 5th 2002. Also Woo worked for Shaw Brothers as assistant director under guidance of legendary martial arts director Chang Cheh. 
Why TV is called a medium?
   Woo made some work for TV in the States. Woo found some difficulties when he moved to US but working for TV appeared to maybe even more difficult task. Woo's TV works include Once a Thief, Blackjack and Blue Skies.
Woo as an actor
   Woo has appeared often in his movies and he has had small roles in other movies as well. What kind of roles Woo likes to play?


Broken Arrow

Hard Target

Hard Boiled

Once a Thief

Bullet in the Head

The Killer

Better Tomorrow 2

Better Tomorrow

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