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I want to say Thank You to everyone who has helped me to create this site.  

Jeff Koga showed the way and made the definitive and the first real John Woo site.

Kenneth Hall who released the first real book on John Woo.

Owi Briegleb was very helpful and his ideas and example was and still is very highly appreciated.

Stephen Teo for writing great book on Hong kong cinema and including great chapter on John Woo and filmoraphy. 

Julien Fonfrede for sending nice info about Fant-Asia film festivals and sample issues of Screen Magazine.

Tim Stubbs who encouraged me when I needed it most.

I am sure I should mention many others and if you believe I forgot you I am very sorry but you could write me. 

Originally this site was released in June 1996. First version of this site was quite small and basically it included a filmography only with few comments on every movie Woo had done so far.  But that is how it all started. I can see two major reasons for doing this. First this site served me as a practice job and introduction to WWW and home page building techniques. Another but at least equally if not more important reason was I wanted to find some info about John Woo. I thought internet would be perfect place to do my searches. But Iunfortunately I didn't fint what I was looking for. Surely there was some very nice  sites about John Woo. Especially Bullet in the Web and Hard-Boiled need to be mentioned here. But these sites failed to give me enough information. 

I had to search many different fan sites as well as official news sites to collect every possible piece (or as much as possible) of information about John Woo. Then I thought how wonderful it would be if all that info could be found easily from one comprehensive web site. I thought that if nobody else is doing it why I couln't build that site myself. Basically Red on White was collection of John Woo information I made for my personal use. If anyone else finds this. I feel the need to say thank you very much to everyone who has supported me by sendin information, opinions about site and encouragement during past years. 

Of course you might ask why John Woo when there is so many other great movie makers around. That is true of course but Woo has special place in my heart. When long time ago I saw Woo's Better Tomorrow 1 & 2 and The Killer I got stunned. These three movies made me interested in Hong Kong movies and without them I would have missed a lot. 

Red on White has gone through several incernations and some bigger or smaller changes. But the biggest changes is increasing amount of information. I've always been thinking that if this site looks great it is a nice bonus but the only really impostant feature is information. 

Now Red on White has new home and new improved lay-out. Unfortunately this new version still is missing most of the material from old site. I will do my best to transfer all important material from old site and a lot new material as well. But I'm afraid for my busy schedule at work and studies it may take some time to finish. 


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