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 Feb. 21 1998
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Paycheck is a scifi thriller based by a story by Philip K. Dick. Woo is planning to direct it for Paramount.  Paycheck is supposed to be Woo's next movie after Windtalkers. Story is about an engineer who agrees to have his memory erased after working on a top-secret project. Then he decides to find out what the big secret really was. Script is written by Stuart Hadelzine and Dean Georgaris.  DVD was released in May 18th.


Spy Hunter is a another game based movie which is being produced for Universal a 2006 release in mind Star of the movie wil be Swayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The War of the Red Cliff
 is John Woo's dream project, a historical epic based on 600 years old but still popular Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Story telling events occured in China 1700 years ago when China was divided in three parts. This  would be the most expensive Chinese movie with 36$ million budget. Woo's dream cast includes Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li, Tony Leung, Gong Li and Zhang Yiyi.

The Red Circle
is a remake of French movie Le Cercle Rouge directed by Jean-Pierre Melville 1970.

All the Visible Children
Seven short films - each one focused on the plight of a different child protagonist.John Woo directs on part.

is the most powerful man and superhero in the Universe. John Woo is directing He-Man movie for Fox 2000 Films.

Rainbow Six
is based on Tom Clancys novels and games. John Woo is planning to direct it. CIA agent John Clark pacts with other operatives to leave the agency in order to create a UK-based group dedicated to battling terrorism in a action thriller produced for Paramount.

Spy Hunter
is a remake of French movie Le Cercle Rouge directed by Jean-Pierre Melville 1970. .

The Divide
(Land of Destiny) was supposed to be Woo's next movie after Windtalkers but it was delayed. Maybe Buena Vista does not believe that big epic movie would be a good idea. In story Chow Yun-fat stars as Chinese immigrant came to California during the 19th Century. While working on the Transcontinental railroad, he meets up with an Irish immigrant, played by Nicolas Cage. Cage might not be in this anymore.

Maybe some day

The Devil Soldier is sort of dream project for Woo, hopefully he will get a chance to make it some day. Paramount project is a closer look into China's history. 

? Harrison Ford Project. Not much details about this project. Unnamed movie is supposed to be actioner, possibly a western. The film is in development at Warner Bros.

Blind Spot is a MGM project started by TV producer Ecan Katz who works as consulting producer on the Fox drama '24'. John Woo and Terence Chang will produce Blind Spot, a story about a man wronfully accused of a crime in Washington, D.C. Woo might diret the film too but it makes me wonder when he has time to do that. 

Space One Ark is supposed to be animated sci-fi film.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is movie based on popular comic book series. Woo: Executive producer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series.  Woo: Executive producer

Mighty Mouse and Jesse James is computer-animated ferature produced by Woo and Terence Chang for Paramount's Nickelodeon banner.

I, Jesse James is a two-hour movie for TNT's original movie slot. Woo is a executive producer. Movie is based on book written by Jesse James' great-great-grandson. Production of the $8 million project is scheduled for the first half of 2003. 


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Here is John Woo's mail address if you want to contact him. Unfortunately I don't know his E-mail address or if he has any.

One thing has remained a mystery for me. Why on Earth John Woo has no Official Web Site? Sure he would deserve one.

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